The forum fabb is full of options, free is included.

The forum has almost any option you need.

Features bbs

You will find in this section further options that you will meeting in your dashboard

The open-bbs forum is a free php forum, it is developed with the latest technologies used in the development of web applications, coupled with the DBMS (database management system) open source Mysql.
the list of open-bbs forum options that is not exhaustive are

Simple and lightweight

The ease of handling of any application is first-rate. Fabb is designed in such a way that even the computer novice can configure it and use it as a simple child’s> The size of open-bbs is 4.5 MB, which means it won’t take up space on your hard drive.


The administrator’s dashboard is coded on a single page, after any modification or reconfiguration, there are always links that make you return to A-panel. The administrator remains focused on his or her work, not to search in which page it is or page should reload.

You can change with just a click:

Image of forum

Logo of forum

The slogans of forum

access all possible actions on the categories

access all possible actions on the forums

access all possible actions on the topics

notification of latest topics

Full control of the member administration panel.

add/remove bad words

Reserve usernames for administrator for any personal reasons

add/activate/edit your smtp connexion.

send external email to single and mass member

internal messaging system for members

members can send abuse reports to modo and administrator

registration system with captcha

email confirmation system for new members

forgotten password reset system

friendship management system between members


The open-bbs forum code is designed in such a way as to make an excellent rendering of your forum appear on all devices.
Members and users of the open-bbs forum will be pleased with this option which is not available on all forums.
This has the advantage of not breaking the head with horizontal or vertical scrolls.
You can test the display quality of the open-bbs forum live, at the same time as you read these few lines. Reduce the size of your browser window by changing its size and see the rendering of the display by yourself.


What can we say about monetizing your forum?
If you want to earn some money on the web, the open-bbs forum gives you the hand and will allow you to do this task,
then do not let this chance pass by.
You can insert your affiliate links, dropshiping, adsence or any other advertising link on your forum.
Namely the <iframe> are not allowed, for the simple reason it cause technical problems.
You can insert up to 03 banner types, details can be found in the admin dashboard.

social networks

Social networks are there to help you communicate, share and develop your interest and vocation with your community. Give your fans access and folowers the way to follow you on these networks. On the open-bbs forum, it’s even easier
just add your link and the script will take care of the technical side. Your fans can now follow you with a simple click
. So don’t waste time, go to A-panel.

Optimisation SEO

Your url is not only directly visible in the address bar of your visitor’s browser, but it is also
one of the first elements presented to search engines such as Google bot for example. ergonomic and human Urls facilitate your indexing and consequently the understanding of the topic covered in
the pages of your website.
Here are 2 examples of URLs with and without support for the friendly SEO option.
deprecated url:

Robot Management

The forum open-bbs manages robots all in automatic, you have nothing to configure or manage them.
Unwanted robots are detected automatically, quarantined and chased from your forum. if you notice the presence of an undesirable robot in the list, a link is made available to you to inquire about the said robot, to delete it
or to reactivate it if it is caught in the trap by mistake.


On the administration page of the forum, you have a page that summarizes all the data of the forum: categories, forums, topics, visitors online, visitors per day and so on...


To finish with this section of options. Once the forum is installed, you will notice that in the menu bar of the forum, there is a link whose aspect is like below
home Home
Whatever the name of your site (domain name), your member will always be able to return to your home page (root of your site) by clicking on this link.
To do the opposite, that is to go from the home page of your site to the forum, you only need to add a link in your menu that will point to the forum. as the example below