Change the language with a simple click as you can leave this task for fabb.

You want fabb to be translated to your native language, so help us do it

How to install your language pack

Initially bbs comes with 2 languages and which are English and French.
Install your language?
You have 2 options for installing the language.
1- Automatic option (recommended):
If you use either language, bbs automatically detects the language used by your visitor’s browser. And as a result your forum will be displayed with the detected language.
2- Manual option:
You can change the language of bbs as follow
- Open the application/controller/ folder, You will find files in which you need to change the line (around 107, 108, 109) everything depends on your text editor.
if($this->language_model->mylang() == browser_lang($_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"]))
if($this->language_model->mylang() ! == browser_lang($_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"]))
3- Access your dashboard: configuration => language and change your language. If your language is different from english or french, at this point we ask anyone who can translate bbs to his native language to contact us to add his language to bbs. This page will be completed and updated as the bbs translation progresses.