making fabb available in your native language? Yes it is possible.

So don’t hesitate to contact us to make it too.

Translate Fabb

The fabb forum is currently available in 2 languages which are English and French. Fabb is open source, which means that the translation of the forum is open to anyone who wants and can contribute to making fabb available in their native language.
And so have the honor to add your name to the list of fabb contributors and have a hard link to your blog or website.

If your language is not displayed in the language pack table (see download page), please contact us to add it and in this way you can help translate fabb to your language.

The fabb community continues to grow and we want to make the documentation accessible to as many users as possible in their native language.
Providing translations for the documentation is not something the team working on the subject can handle olone.
This is why we try to involve anyone wishing to contribute by their effort to the elaboration of the documentation in the native language of the translator.
If you think you can contribute to the project, then maybe this is a good place to start?

How can I get involved in translations?
The first step is to check if there is a translation for the language concerned.
If there is already an active translation, there are a number of ways you can help us.
1- Download the translation in question and check it. If you find any mistakes or words or phrase that does not reflect the real meaning. make your correction and submit your translation to us, we will make it active and submit it to the public.
2- If the translation does not exist at all, download the files (in English) and do the translation. Once you are done, submit your translation to us.
All contributors involved in translating fabb will have their names displayed in the list of translators. The list of translators will be updated whenever the situation requires it.